Windblower Photobooth

At the end of our first year, we created a yearbook to document our year group. However, each person had their photo taken in front of a 2500W leafblower.

This idea was then transported to our end of year show where we built a fully automated photobooth. With a click of a button the leaf-blower was activated whilst also taking a burst of photos.

W/ Francis McCullagh


A publication made in response to a trip to the seaside town of Folkestone. Using extracts of the text 'Mare Liberum' by Philip Hoare the publication attempts to encapsulate the unquantifiable nature of the sea.

The imagery is made up of photos taken of the ever evolving landscape as the sea fluctuates between high and low tide.
W/ Sam Pratt & Harvey Wise

Codified Language

A speculative film that comments on humans obsession with creating our machines as similar to ourselves as possible. This ranges from how they walk and move to how they speak and sound. However this only serves to reveal ingrained prejudices and biases at the heart of our own society.

The film proposes the use of binary code as a way of communicating with our machines. As this is the language machines understand, it helps to separate our own bigotry from becoming intertwined with a machines system
and logic.


My submission for the ME and EU project - a series of postcards designed by British creatives as a means to reconnect with the rest of Europe after the trigger date of Article 50.

I collected postcards from the 27 member states excluding UK and mashed them up into a paper pulp and then made a new postcard out of the 27 postcards.

140 Character News

In response to the growth of social media becoming a news source and the rise of fake news. I created a publication that shortens every article of a newspaper down to 140 characters.

Opinions become statements in which all context is lost.

There is a complete lack of authorship meaning that much of the information is left unvalidated.

The absence of text highlights the empty space whereby most of it is occupied by adverts and images, much like a social media feed.